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Granulators, Central Granulators, Heavy Duty Granulators, 
20, 24B, 28, 43, 50, 50B, 56, 62B, 72B, 100, C1000, 1000X, 1200X, X1400, 1600X, 1620, 284, 584, 14x20, 50B, X1000, X1400, 1/2, 1 1/2, 7x10, 8x10, 8x12, 8x16, 9x12, 10x16, 12x16, 12x20, 14x20, 14x56, 14x62, 15x24, 16x20, 18x28, 18x37, 18x42, 18x72, 20x40, 20x50, 20x72, 32x50, 37B, 40/50,  40/70, 
Hammer mills


Sizes of knives include but not limited to:

  • Granulator knives  - 260,3x52,4x12,7 mm,  295,3x34,9x6,4 mm,  301,6 x73x12,7 mm, 204,8x96,3x12,7 mm, 308x98x12,7 mm,  334,5x82,5x12,7 mm, 334,5x87x15,8 mm,  335x69,85x12,7 mm,  355,6x35x6,35 mm, 355,6x58,72x9,52 mm,  357,2x111,1x19,05 mm, 358,8x98x22,22 mm, 360,3x111,1x19,05 mm,  382,5x73x15,87 mm, 387,3x96,8x22,22 mm, 405,6x84,1x12,7 mm,  411,15x69,85x12,7 mm, 412,7x71,4x12,7 mm, 447,7x111,1x28,6 mm, 471,5x108x19,05 mm, 471,5x109,7x28,6 mm, 471,5x110,5x19,05 mm, 474,6x96,8x22,22 mm, 474,6x108,2x22,22 mm, 506,4x57,2x15,9 mm, 506,4x57,2x15,9 mm, 507,2x82,5x9,5 mm, 507,2x84,1x12,7 mm, 507,2x85,7x22,22 mm, 508,7x109,5x28,58 mm, 508,8x111,1x19,05 mm, 512,3x66,4x12,7 mm, 512,7x71,4x12,7 mm, 512,7x98,4x22,22 mm, 514,3x71,4x12,7 mm, 528x109x28,5 mm, 533,8x98,4x15 mm, 547,7x76,2x19,05 mm, 551,9x95,8x22,22 mm, 609,6x92,1x22,22 mm, 617,5x84,1x15,8 mm, 625,5x108x19,05 mm, 634,6x203,2x20,5 mm, 635x109,5x19,05 mm, 635x109,7x28,6 mm, 638,2x97,5x22,22 mm, 711,2x96,82x22,22 mm, 711,2x107,67x19,05 mm, 711,2x110,2x19,05 mm, 712x111,1x19,05 mm, 714,3x98,4x22,22 mm, 723,9x84,1x17mm , 777,8x109,7x27,76 mm, 914,4x109,7x28,57 mm, 917,6x96,8x22,22 mm 

Manufactured from: 1.2379, High Speed steel, Tungsten carbide tipped, vacuum heat treatment, computer controlled process

We offer spare parts and consumables:

  • Knives  - rotor and stator
  • Counterknives
  • Special Bolts, Nuts
  • Sieves

Download Cumberland -  T50 series catalog in pdf format




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